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About Us

Get to know our team of professionals.

Our Founders

Dana Thomason & Ludwig (Louie) Aszod.

Values & Principles

It takes courage to get started with therapy. Sharing private thoughts with a stranger can be anxiety provoking. We respect and honor how difficult this can be. Therefore, our work is guided by several important values and principles that we feel contribute to the strong, trusting and respectful connections our clients form with our therapists.

  1. Respect
    • As our therapy client, you will be treated with the utmost respect in every interaction, from your first point of contact through the completion of your therapy. It is a privilege to be invited into your world in this way and we are grateful for the opportunity to support you.
  2. Judgment Free and Shame Free Care
    • We realize that inner peace and healthy relationships are achieved by integrating all of our life experiences, including those that have been difficult to talk about. Trusting you will not be judged, or left feeling ashamed, is essential for you to feel comfortable opening up to your therapist. To earn that trust, we will meet you with openness, acceptance and respectful curiosity at all time. Your therapist will never judge you or your experience, goals and life desires.
  3. Strengths Based
    • We believe the strength to heal and the courage to experience change lie within each of us. Resiliency, however, is often masked by the effects of life’s challenges when we feel alone, hurt, sad or confused. Our emotionally focused therapists help you reconnect with your inherent strengths and empower your courage to work through these challenges so you can create the type of relationship you long for or achieve the life you desire to live.
  4. Private and Confidential
    • Protecting your privacy and confidentiality in counseling are our top priority. We are discrete and professional therapists who take our ethical commitment to your confidentiality very seriously. We recognize that building a trusting relationship with your therapist is a crucial element to getting the help you need; therefore, we don’t take lightly the profound consequences that could result from even the slightest oversight.
  5. Personable and Relatable
    • As a new client to our relationship therapy practice, we are strangers to each other when we first meet. We recognize this can be uncomfortable or overwhelming for some. Therefore, our therapists are personable and relatable, and will put you at ease quickly so you can gain the greatest benefit from your therapy right away. When your group therapy or individual counseling comes to an end, we part ways with a unique and lasting bond.
  6. Knowledgeable and Prepared
    • Our therapists are highly trained in their particular areas of expertise. Every Summit Reach therapist is engaged in ongoing educational programs to ensure best clinical practice and to remain current with the latest research. Your therapist will spend ample time preparing for your counseling session in advance to ensure you are making progress and experiencing growth at a pace that feels appropriate and fulfilling for you.
  7. Emotionally Safe
    • Therapy is often about exploring yourself, your relationship or your life in a new way. It is also often about healing from very painful experiences now or in your past. In all cases, the Summit Reach therapist’s create an emotionally safe environment that radiates acceptance, empathy and compassion so that you can share your most private thoughts and experience the growth you desire. In session, your therapist will be emotionally present and attuned to you and your experience so you feel supported and understood by your therapist at all times.
  8. Office Comfort
    • We believe your therapy experience begins the moment you enter our counseling center in downtown Clarksville. Consistent with the value we place on respect and privacy, our quiet waiting room offers several seating choices to allow space and comfort while you wait for your therapy session. Should you arrive to your appointment early, we hope you will find our waiting room inviting and relaxing as you wait for your therapist. Once in session, you will be surrounded by soft light, comfortable furniture, and inviting decorations to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you open up and share your thoughts with your therapist. At Summit Reach Counseling & Physcotherapy, we strive to make you feel at peace so get the most out of your therapy session.

Newly Renovated Office Space

Before opening in January 2022, our office space has undergone a beautiful renovation/ remodel to serve our clients and insure comfort. Visit us at: 910 S Rogers St, Clarksville, Arkansas 72830-4331

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